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Ayyoor Jama -athul Islamiah Sangham (Regd.No. 6/42 S.K) is an Islamic Association constituted and registered in the year of 1932, with an intention to provide modern education to the religious minorities of this locality. The Sangham had started Malayalam medium school namely Ayyoor Jama Athul Islamiah Primary School in the year 1933, and it was upgraded as U.P school during the year 1994-95, Kerala Govt. has pleased to sanction an English division in V standard. The Sangham is functioning for the upliftment of the religious minorities of this locality and it runs various institutions. Besides the above said school , there are two secondary madrasas, Dars and a Juma Masjid at Peringady. The Sangham has formed Ayyoor Jama Athul Islamiah Educational Cultural and Charitable Board for the smooth functioning of the Educational Institutions. The Sangham is having many plans in the field of education to start other institutions and the present English Medium Senior Secondary School is one among them. The Ayyoor Jama athul Islamiah English School is a co-educational school aimed to provide modern English education to the minorities of this locality along with Islamic education.


The institution adopts, as its goal, the best from our rich and varied heritage and inculcates it into the curriculum, to bring about all round development of the students. The school endeavors to bring about a harmonious blend between the traditional and progressive method of education. One of the aims of the school is to inspire creativity amongst students, by encouraging them to discover their innate talents and aptitudes.

The School provides a congenial atmosphere for fostering the intellectual, social and spiritual potentialities of each student. They are trained to aim high, strive hard and achieve excellence.


In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious

The Most Merciful.

Praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds,

The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

Lord of the Day of Judgment.

You only do we worship; and to you

Alone do we turn for help,

Guide us in the straight path,

The path of those, whom you blessed,

Not of those against whom you are

Angry, and not of those who are astray.


"Do it better than it need be done" is our motto. This motto implies to each and every one who is associated with this Institution.

Whatever work is assigned to you has to be done with all the efforts put together, to give you the best result and the inner satisfaction to say Yes! I have done it better than it could be done.

No matter what the task is put your heart and soul in it and the efforts will not go waste.

You will get the best out to it.


India is my country.

All Indians are my

Brothers and Sisters.

I love my country.

And I am proud of its rich

And varied heritage.

I shall always strive

To be worthy of it.

I shall give my parents ,

Teachers and all elders

Respect and treat everyone

With courtesy.

To my country and my people

I pledge my devotion.

In their well-being and

Prosperity alone lies

My happiness.

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